Friday, 13 July 2007

Stitch in Time Picnic Blanket

This is an excellent picnic blanket by French-Australian team Mobilet.

An example of clever, simple and utterly chic design in action.

The Sydney picnic blanket features a map of Sydney's coastline appliqu├ęd onto a traditional red and white gingham backing. The blankets are to be customised by their owners and come with a needle and thread; favourite picnic destinations are marked with cross stitches and labels. The blanket is slowly overlaid with places and memories and can be passed onto future generations of picnickers.
Apart from picnic memory generation the blanket has a multitude of fabulous potential uses:
- if you get lost you can use the map to work out where you
- if you get lost and the map is no help you still have a blanket
- you could bury treasure and mark 'X' for the spot to return to

The possibilities are endless! Fabulous magic blanket, even if it is of Sydney..

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