Monday, 2 July 2007

Gone bananas - turkish style

My Turkish friends put me onto this guy. I haven't laughed so hard for ages, the song is firmly stuck in my head.

'Singer' Ajdar; Turkey's answer to William Hung; failed in his attempt to compete on Top Star (Turkey's version of American Idol). Undetered he wrote and produced this rather unique song and film clip. He has been a humorous sensation in Turkey since.

My friends translate the song as having three basic phrases..

I am like syrup, I am like bananas, I am like raddishes..

Raddishes they tell me represent strength and good health. In case you miss it he also dances with raddishes and bananas.

This is a classic and a must see that proves that if you believe in yourself; no matter how deluded you are; with a bit of sheer determination anything is possible.

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