Monday, 9 July 2007

Fringe-ing.. unjuried, unexpected, unforgettable.

Summer in Toronto is definitely the best time to be here, not only for the weather but for the abundance of interesting things to do and see.

The Fringe Festival is a favourite of these options.

Though not as expansive as Melbourne's Fringe incarnation; as it is restricted to theatre; there are some great things to see especially if you take the view that the bad can be good and the good can be bad.

We kicked off our 'fringe-ing' yesterday by seeing 'Kafka and Son' at the Tarragon Theatre.

A one man show with few props apart from some black feathers and metal structures. It is based on a letter that Kafka wrote but never sent to his overbearing father.

If you are a fan of Kafka, like a study on family relationships and power struggles this is definitely the play for you.

The actor, Alon Nashman, is fantastic and brilliantly moves between characterising Kafka and his father as if it were two separate actors having a dialogue.

Loved it!

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