Monday, 30 July 2007

Polish-ed Film Posters

Polish Film Posters are fascinating artistic works. My boyfriend collects them, which has given me a far greater knowledge and appreciation of them. You could never describe their approach as sunshine and lolly-pops; I find some a little disturbing; but their use of graphics is remarkable.

The golden decade of Polish film posters, from approximately the mid 50s to the mid 60s was preceded by the pioneering work of a trio of artists in the 1940s. Henryk Tomaszewski, Tadeusz Trepkowski and Eryk Lipinski were the original graphic designers commissioned in 1946 by Film Polski (a State film distribution monopoly) to design film posters.
Their work soon revolutionized this particular form of advertising. Rather than use the stereotypical images of movie stars and exclamation points, they employed a whole new arsenal of graphic interpretation to convey a shorthand essence of the film.

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