Thursday, 5 July 2007

Mac Attack.. please come back!

It can't be a complete conincidence, rather I refuse to acknowledge that it is a complete coincidence.

Within the same week that the iPhone was released my Mac G5 has; as we say in Australia; had a 'spaz-attack'. Out of nowhere it refuses to turn-on no matter what I do.

I have some theories:
- the geeks who have been pulling apart the iPhones somehow cosmically messed with my Mac, as a result of their over-enthusiasm.
- we all talk about wanting to throw our computers out of the window when we are frustrated, so perhaps someone decided to act on this using my Mac and then out of guilt returned it.
- my Mac itself has had a temper tantrum. After enduring my betrayals of buying an iPod and a iBook the release of the iPhone has sent it over the edge in feeling under appreciated. I have already whispered sweet nothings assuring it that I have no intention of buying an iPhone anytime soon, it didn't budge.
- the old iMac we still have; that we've been discussing within its vicinity finally getting rid of; has decided to revolt to save its own existence by sabotaging the upstart that it was replaced by. I have spoken sternly to the iMac that its days of reign are over. Alas, no progress.

Of course the fact that my Mac is loaded to the gills with programs and that I have a tendency to run them similtaneously has absolutley nothing to do with it.

Mac please come back! I want to see your happy little icon face again...

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