Friday, 30 November 2007

Feathered Frame of Reference Could have Frightened

My purse is quite well known for being somewhat of an abyss, where things that go into it can take quite some time to retrieve.

Such was the case with my iPod Shuffle this morning, except my search for it sparked a weird phenomenon.

Just after leaving my house I was poking through my purse looking for my iPod, as I walked, when I decided it made more sense just to stop and look properly.

As soon as I halted and started my search a couple of pigeons flew towards me. Within seconds I had a large mass, seemed like hundreds, of pigeons flocking in my direction and surrounding me.

I don't particularly like birds, their feet freak me out, so the experience was quite disconcerting.

Fortunately I remembered that a lady comes and feeds the pigeons at the very spot I happened to be standing. So when I stopped and opened my bag, the pigeons thought that breakfast had arrived.

Hence I didn't panic.

My next immediate thought was 'Thank God I didn't watch Hitchcock's 'The Birds' last night, as this would have frightened the living daylights out of me completely'.

I will admit that I walked away pretty quickly, just in case the pigeons HAD watched the 'The Birds' last night and were pissed that I hadn't brought them breakfast.

I swear at least one of them gave me a dirty look.

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