Thursday, 22 November 2007

Mr. Snow has arrived

Mr. Snow arrived today.

That's ok, we had been expecting him; even if he was a little early; and he can indeed be very pretty.

However, Mr. Snow, I do not recall saying that you could bring Mr. Evil-Wind-Who-Whips-Your-Face-So-Hurts with you. His presence is really quite intolerable and he definitely has a negative influence on your behaviour as well.

Bringing uninvited guests is really rather rude.

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crashedcar said...

Mister Snow always bugged me... He's a snowman! None of the other mister men are recognisable objects or creatures. They're all just colourful shapes. He breaks all the rules! Like... WTF Hargreaves? Did you just get lazy when it came time to do Mister Snow? ... sigh.