Monday, 19 November 2007

Battling the Coming Cold

Winter is fast approaching. Every year I feel as if have been suffering from amnesia as to what 'Canadian Cold' feels like, then that first particularly cold day arrives and my memories flood back. "Oh yes, this is hideous."

This year I am determined to be prepared.

I have purchased a new coat. I was adamant that practicality would take precedence over fashion and vanity. After trying on an arctic-down, thermal-lined coat, that was indeed warm, but so voluminous that I looked like an apple with legs I admitted to myself that my soul would be warm but very unhappy. I ended up compromising by getting a thick down coat that does have some womanly shape. I am merely human and wish not to resemble fruit or marshmallows.

Next I scouted out thermal lined boots that lean less towards yeti-ugly. I sourced a pair that should do the trick, if I decided that my tootsies are too cold in my regular leather boots.

After all the research into winter apparel, and laying of contingency plans, I likened my search to being like preparing for battle. It sounds quite ridiculous, but is all too true.

I am almost prepared to battle winter! If winter would be so kind as to wait until I am ready. I just hope winter abides by rules of engagement, no nasty -40 days thank you very much.

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