Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Sent Packing

In an ideal world I would have an assistant who would pack my huge, ornate, art-deco trunks; with compartments for everything including silver-handled hairbrushes; on my behalf for my exotic traveling sojourns. Of course not only is this unrealistic but demonstrates that I read too many Agatha Christie novels when I was younger.

In the cold light of day of my assistant-less and ornate-trunk-less existence, I deal with packing for trips moderately well.

- I am not one to have my bags packed weeks in advance, I usually pack the night before I leave.
- I do write a list of what I am going to take to ensure that I don't forget anything and that everything is clean.
- I do have a tendency to want to take too many clothes and have harsh conversations with myself to offload unnecessary garments that I know I am deluding myself that I need, it's amusing to watch me arguing with myself - "no, I don't need three pairs of black pants."... "but, they are COMPLETELY different styles of pants!" - and so on.
- I do roll 90% of my clothes and pack them very tightly and still find this the absolutely best method for packing.
- Where possible; until they brought in the irritating liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage; I always tried to not take anything that would require checking any luggage. I was the master of carry-on and would zip in and out without having to wait for the luggage carousel a happy camper.
- The items that I forget to pack most regularly are pajamas and my tooth brush. The toothbrush because I always brush my teeth just before I leave the house, go into autopilot and put it back in the bathroom... arggh... fortunately toothbrushes are usually readily available.

Packing and even more so un-packing are one of my least favourite parts of traveling, but what can you do, the assistant and the ornate trunks won't become a reality any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

I think the assistant is an excellent idea, just last sunday I was wishing I had a maid to do my clothes washing. Every weekend I end up turing nocturnal and struggle to get my washing done, when I finally do it is either raining or dark again when I hang my clothes out to dry, so I normally end up leaving them out at night. Upon waking in the morning I run around trying to find some spiffy threads that aren't riddled with holes, untill I come to the conclusion that all I own are the rags hanging off the hills hoist that are damp from the morning dew. With a bit of creative thermal/din san t-shirt/ cleanest pair of dirty jeans ensomble I can get my self suitably attired for work, however it is the karate PJ's that are the difficult ones. I sweat like an amorous pig during karate and have to wash the PJs normally twice a week, and yes I do have two sets, but for some reason I still rock up looking like I stole my PJs from a homeless Karateka instead of bruce lee. Dear sister Clare why am I so scruffy???