Monday, 26 March 2007

You Tube Awards

So we know that You Tube is not necessarily a bona fide revolution beyond marketing. However, that doesn't mean we can't check out the videos that were selected as last year's best.

Here are the ones I like that received honours. Sorry, I can't stand Ask A Ninja.

It was also a slight relief to know that my geek levels are not beyond redemption, as I had never heard of a number of the winners. Phew!

Kiwi: Most Adorable

Most Inspiration: Free Hugs Campaign (yes, I had a big sook the first time I saw this one)

Most Creative: OkGo - Here it Goes Again

1 comment:

G. Jan-Szopa said...

Yes, you did have a BIG suk!!

I was there to witness it... And I also benefited from it with a HUG of my own!!