Friday, 9 March 2007

Forget the film, watch the titles

Short films are my personal favourite form of film. I also like title sequences so this site is perfect!

Submarine Channel have a collection of some of the most interesting and original film title sequences out there. There is animation, Motion Graphics, 3D and Mixed formats to select from.

It is a little addictive...

Check it out and enjoy!

*SubmarineChannel is a non-profit production and online distribution platform for designers, interactive artists and the people who like them (like me!).


Kurt said...

I also enjoy film titles. Check out 'Stranger than Fiction' for some really good ones.

Hey, am I your first commenter?

Clare said...

LOL.. no, but you are the first commentor not to comment on yourself pretending to be someone else. I am looking at you Stevie and Greg.. ;-)