Thursday, 22 March 2007

Philippe Découflé -'Solo – Le doute m'habite'

Last night Sibel, Anna and I went to see a performance by contemporary dancer, Philippe Découflé, called 'Solo – Le doute m'habite (the doubt within me).'

Découflé is a celebrated contemporary dancer and well deserves all the acclaim he receives. He is one of the few contemporary performers I have seen, in any medium, who utilizes and manipulates technology to enhance and compliment their artform, without relying on it so heavily that there is nothing to the performance beyond the technology.

The performance includes an expertly manipulated array of cameras, lights, musical instruments and personal monologues melded to create a visually stunning, well paced and highly enjoyable work.

The ease of the precision of his graceful movements and his ability to utilize space and hence your perception of space was remarkable.

Although I do think Découflé has a mild obsession with kaleidoscopes, the performance was excellent and I particularly appreciated the refreshing injection of humour.

I would definitely recommend seeing this work as a "must see", which is a high recommendation indeed as dance is usually my least favourite artistic medium.

New World Stage International Performance
Harbourfront Centre
Premiere Dance Theatre
207 Queens Quay West
3rd floor

March 20 - 24

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