Friday, 23 March 2007

Spring Fashion 2007.. trends

As much as I like wearing boots and although I am quasi in love with my red-wool pre/post* winter coat, after months and months of wearing them I have started to physically crave Spring/Summer clothes.

* - its pre/post because when the temperature plummets below -5 I have to wear my dreaded black-puffy jacket, which I detest.

The other day, as I trudged through the slush, I actually fantasized about freeing my toes from their booted prisons and wearing flip flops and sandals again (NOT those hideous red, patent-leather,cork platform ones though).

So, spring is almost here, fingers crossed, and with it comes the Spring 2007 Fashion Trends. As usual, the retailers and designers would like us to to throw out all of our clothes, stampede into the stores and buy all the 'it' items.

It's true what I read somewhere once, fashion is indeed the ultimate marketing coup, as it does make you buy new things when what you already have is, in all reasonableness, still perfectly functional. That being said, I will most likely want some new things, call me semi-brain washed if you will.

I've attached an excellent link to a site that gives an overview on what the various magazines are saying are the trends.“it”-list-they-say/

Some things I will NOT be wearing:
- Tent dress (I have boobs and broad shoulders, this is never going to look anything but horrible on me)
- Bubble skirt (just no, no, no)
- Bell, trumpet or ruched sleeves (I am not a moth, I don't want to look like a moth)
- Yellow (I like other people in yellow, sadly I just look like I have jaundice, no matter what the tone or shade)
- Space ( I don't even understand what this means, but the astronaut-look probably isn't for me)
- Sports (I may concede here a little, but it would really be false advertising, sporty I am not)
- Narrow Skirt Below the Knee (years of walking means I have well developed calves, so this isn't for me, I am going to stick to my mother's mantra of always wearing your skirt just above the best part of your legs)
- Jodhpurs (see bubble skirt comment)
- Polka dots (cute on other people, I can't get past Minnie-Mouse)

Some things I would like to wear (I don't care if it sounds boring):
- White Shirt (though, I am yet to determine how this is different from the ones I already have)
- Cobalt blue (I like blue)
- Belts (but not whips and chains)
- Ballerina wrap cardigan (got them, love them)
- Floral prints (but in moderation, I am not planning to be overtaken by hibiscus)
- Big Neutral Bags (I carry a lot of stuff, so perfect)
- Urban turbans (the idea amuses me, but I may not have the nerve when it comes to it)
- Jewel Flats (flats.. yippee)
- Goddess layers (I can handle being a goddess and the odd layer works for me)
- Metallic (metal is fine, so long as I don't look like I am trying to impersonate the TinMan from the Wizard of Oz or King Midas)
- Organza or chiffon top (pretty, I'll go there)
- High Shine Satin etc (I like shiny things!)
- Dresses (Love dresses, with the right neck Iine etc, I'm all about it)
- Cropped jackets (so long as the shoulder pads are kept under control, I like it)
- Wedges (I already own some, so long as they are not platform, they can stay)

Things I am prepared so consider more before I decide:
- Multi layered t-shirts (I've done it before, I may well do it again)
- Crystal Adornments (it will depend on the adornment, so long as it doesn't looked Bedazzled it could be ok)
- High Waists (my jury is out, I want to see how a less extreme version manifests)
- Lucite (I think how this is applied will be make or break for me)
- Skinny pants (if it is more straight leg, less skinny, that's ok with me)
- Shorts (I am not convinced but not utterly against them either)

And THAT is my rave on forthcoming fashions

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