Thursday, 15 March 2007

Science of Sleep - a film for me

I like this film so much, and I haven't even seen the end of it yet.

The 'Science of Sleep' stars Gael Garcia Bernal as a young Mexican man living in Paris, though the majority of the film is in English.

His character, Stefan, is utterly eccentric and consumed with slumber to the point where his dream life and waking life often meld together. He is utterly delightful.

To be brief, some of my favourite bits so far include:
- when he has the giant hands that prevent him from working
- the calendar of the world's most significant disasters
- his variety to fabulously ridiculous 'inventions'
- the teddy bear band
- his dream composition, nude delivery and then waking extraction of the letter to his neighbour
- his 'studio' where he puts together his dreams

I will happily concede, that the character of Stefan does remind me of an exaggerated version of Greg, the enthusiasm and the imagination in particular. However, it is also partly because since seeing the film Greg has taken to dancing around the house a la Stefan.. I like that too :-D

A bit of escapist whimsy is good for the soul!

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