Monday, 4 May 2009

LIKE Site - Post #5, Lights at Night

Last night I also visited my "Like" site to document the lighting, ambiance and usage at night.

The site is lit from above by the six lamps that make up part of the bridge. From below on the south-eastern side the bridge is flood lit by a large single flood lamp. There is also illumination from the reflection of the lights in the water of the river and surrounding street lights, including from construction sites and cars and trucks on the nearby freeway.

Despite having more varied sources of lighting the site itself is not as illuminated as my not like site because it is more open.

What surprised me most was the level of usage of the bridge at 9pm on a Monday night. I encountered numerous joggers, cyclists and walkers while we were there.

I also spent quite a bit of time listening to the site to compare it to the sounds I had documented during the day. The sounds were quite different and not as varied as during the day but also amplified in a different way.

Despite the high levels of mixed usage on the bridge and surrounding area is always surprises me how peaceful the site seems.

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