Wednesday, 18 March 2009

3 Images, 3 Minutes

Next week for the first session of the course Place and Space we have three minutes to present three images that describe their practice.

I'll be on my project trip to Shanghai so in lieu of presenting in class I'll document my presentation here with three images and one-hundred words per image.


My interest in public art came from a practical art practice.

This image shows a sample of the art works I produced in my final year of high school when I was 17 years old.

I spent my childhood and teenaged years constantly drawing and painting, it was my favourite thing to do.

I was terrible at sports but I could draw and this knowledge formed a great part of my identity at the time.

I chose to collate the images to demonstrate my explorations in technique and that my subject matter was always tightly framed and figurative.


After high school I wanted to be a graphic designer, but my folio wasn’t strong enough to get into the course so I did a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Arts and Entertainment Management.

I spent ten odd years with different arts organisations, mainly in the museum and gallery sector but also publishing, interior design and education.

This image shows the logos of some of the organisations where I volunteered and worked. It demonstrates how my practice shifted completely away from the practical creation of art to a focus on arts management and development.


This image was taken the week before I moved back to Australia after being away for four years. I remember feeling very sad that an era in my life was about to end.

I had wanted to document the snow and my routine and as part of that process it shows my least favourite public art work in Toronto that I used walk past on my way to work.

It reminds me of how every day I used to try to think of a different public art work I would prefer to represent the Garment District other than a giant stack of buttons and a thimble.

It reflects my practice not only as a demonstration of my ponderings on public art works but because the image itself marks the very beginnings of my interest in photography.

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