Monday, 15 October 2007

Support for Bras' Birthday

Variations of breast-support undergarments have been around for centuries but 1907 is considered the official 'birthday' of the bra, as it marks the first reference by Vogue Magazine of the word "brassiere".

Hence the 'bra' celebrates it's centenary this year.

In the past 100 years bras have had an adventurous history as they have been wired, stuffed, burnt, pushed-up, and many men have spent considerable time trying to take them off.

As a lingerie lover, I say Happy Birthday Bras, thanks for 100 years helping to banish the bounce.


Anonymous said...

Has it been 100 years, already?...WOW- how time flies!

It was only yesterday that I was learning how to take off my first bra in some parking lot!

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO... We like the bounce... More bounce, please....