Wednesday, 28 February 2007

everywhere, there and here...starting out

'Here, there and everywhere' is a phrase I have always liked, but it wasn't available, so I figured given that I am Australian that it would be ok to reverse it because apparently we do everything backwards anyway. (insert rolling eyes).. ;-)

There was a time when I was an excellent postal correspondent, then email came along and I am now attrocious. At first I continued to be quite good at writting letters but became terrible at making it to the post office. Now the letters await writing for longer than I am prepared to admit and my inability to make it the post office is like a psychological abyss.

There was a time when I used to be quite good at writing semi-regular emails to keep up with everyone. Now I find that days, weeks and sometimes even months go by and there are people who I've genuinely wanted to contact that still have a flagged item next to their name on my 'to-do' list.

So, despite not being a particularly technological person (I was still using a radio/tape deck walkman a year ago) I decided I would try using a blog to connect and stay connected. Additionally, I have a tendency to collect and then inflict all the 'interesting' things I find 'everywhere, there and here' on my friends, somtimes against their will, so this is a way to make that a little more of a choice for them.

So, here goes!

hmmmm.... some very quick trivia about me... that might help explain my consistent inconsistency and my take on 'everywhere, there and here'.

>I am Australian, Melbourne born (so I was born 'there' but usually still refer to it in conversation as 'here')
< I live in Canada (so I live 'here' but refer it as 'there' quite often when explaining things)
^ Sometimes, I have dreams that merge Toronto and Melbourne with other places I've been. Say I walk down Flinders Street, but catch the tram to Spadina Avenue so I can go to Angelina's on Rue du Rivioli (so in a sense 'everywhere').

It will be interesting to see where it goes..

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